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Default Re: Raiders fans and players should be embarrassed.

Here's the Raiders' Tommy Kelly after the game:

Was the play getting rough prior to the ejection?
Yeah. They hold a lot. We knew that coming in to the game. Coach stressed all week that they hold a lot. He stressed that we not get into it, but when you’re in the heat of battle, sometimes you lose your temper.

Re: Going up against Chris Kemoeatu
They hold, he holds. Both of the guards hold. All of them do. But it’s the game. Every offensive lineman holds. The field didn’t make it any better. The field was absolutely atrocious, I don’t know what they’re doing out there. But it is what it is.

What a pathetic whiny little piss ant.

The refs did anything and everything in their power to take this game away from Pittsburgh, including literally taking points off the board with a bullshit call on Harrison, and this little bitch cries about holding?

Meanwhile, if you read the comments from the Steelers players, no one complained. They all handled the questions in a classy and professional manner. How they managed to bite their tongues, I'll never know.

I have never been more upset after a Steelers loss, let alone a win. Roger Goodell, catering to the fantasy football playing casual fans, has completely ruined this league.

This entire game was a disgrace.
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