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Default Re: Gotta love Seymour (and Karma too) <3

Originally Posted by Teenuh View Post
Relationships don't always work out sometimes. And at least Tom hasn't been accused of sexual assault TWICE like some people.... at least Tom doesn't have a history of drunken behavior and making at ass out himself at local clubs and restaurants. At least Tom's teammates haven't ever said negative things about him.

And at least Tom is both intelligent and extremely hot. Unlike that dimwitted ugly fratboy.
Oh you tweeners tickle me pink.

By the way...I never said Ben was a good person. But quit pretending little fag boy is too. He's a rich little prick who could give a shit about pretty much anyone. Including the woman and child he left to be with some brazillian supermodel. He's such a stand-up guy.

Hey, you should go watch the Pats's getting good. Another Manning looks to be beating Marsha again.
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