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Default Re: Gotta love Seymour (and Karma too) <3

Originally Posted by SCMom View Post
Open handed punch? Are you retarded or something?
Are you blind? I've watched it repeatedly on youtube and even the analysts were saying it was an open-handed hit to the jaw. Notice Ben on the ground holding his jaw.

I'll bash Brady all I want. He's a good QB...but damn is he one faggy little pu.ssy boy. Aren't you the slightest bit embarrassed that he's the main reason the league is one step away from being flag football? Are you even old enough to remember REAL football?
Nope, thugs like the Steelers who just try to hurt other players (as Harrison admitted) because they lack any real skill don't belong in pro sports. Its better for the game in the longrun because we will have less injuries.

Oh, and for all intents and many titles have the Patriots won since Brady has been beating the Steelers with Ben? How many titles have the Steelers won?
How many titles does ben have? How many does Tom have? Exactly. The Steelers couldn't even make the playoffs last year.
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