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Default Re: Raiders fans and players should be embarrassed.

[QUOTE=MattsMe;869410]Here's the Raiders' Tommy Kelly after the game:

What a pathetic whiny little piss ant.

The refs did anything and everything in their power to take this game away from Pittsburgh, including literally taking points off the board with a bullshit call on Harrison, and this little bitch cries about holding?

Meanwhile, if you read the comments from the Steelers players, no one complained. They all handled the questions in a classy and professional manner. How they managed to bite their tongues, I'll never know.

I have never been more upset after a Steelers loss, let alone a win. Roger Goodell, catering to the fantasy football playing casual fans, has completely ruined this league.

This entire game was a disgrace.[/QUOTE]

I can't disagree with that. I think I was more pissed about the calls than the Steelers fans I was with.

Oh... Tommy Kelly might be a piss ant... be he sure aint little.

And another thing... Kelly is right; ALL O linemen hold, even the Raiders' O linemen. And... your field is atrocious
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