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Default Re: Gotta love Seymour (and Karma too) <3

Originally Posted by Teenuh View Post
Are you blind? I've watched it repeatedly on youtube and even the analysts were saying it was an open-handed hit to the jaw. Notice Ben on the ground holding his jaw. said open handed punch.

Nope, thugs like the Steelers who just try to hurt other players (as Harrison admitted) because they lack any real skill don't belong in pro sports. Its better for the game in the longrun because we will have less injuries.
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How many titles does ben have? How many does Tom have? Exactly. The Steelers couldn't even make the playoffs last year.

I know you don't want to face the fact that Tammy is irrelevant now. It's true though.

Here, I'll answer my question for you, since you chose to avoid it.

Tammy has won ZERO titles since Ben has been with the Steelers.
Ben has won TWO titles since he's been with the Steelers.

If Ben had been playing as long as Tammy has, there's a good chance he'd have another title or two, so you're questions are pointless.
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