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Default Re: Seymour Apologizes

Originally Posted by whitt View Post
I don`t think so. As a local fan here in Oakland, Seymour is a gentleman off the field and even had huge praises for Ben last week when talking to reporters. He fkd up big time in being stupid and got himself kicked out of the game which I`m positive he regrets. He let his team down when at the time, the Raiders were only 2 scores down with a full half to go. As it is, it wasn`t a career ending neck breaking was a punch....nothing else. How many of you are as old as me and remember the "old" Steelers/Raiders games? lol. Today was sandlot play compared to the old

I guess the thing that Steelers fans are looking for (as most other fans, i believe want too..), is consistency.
I personally don't think Seymour should be fined or suspended at all. Its all part of the game...a man's game. A tough game.
But lets use Harrison. Or even Woodley. I guess the issue here is that if they do the same thing, its akin to murder being committed, followed by fines + suspensions.
I don't think many Pittsburgh fans are upset with Seymour and in the big scheme of things, it was a very small play in a huge mess of BS today....however, they are VERY upset with the refs and though they won big, its almost unsatisfying. We would have rather won 20-17 with fair officiating.
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