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Default Re: Seymour Apologizes

Originally Posted by TRH View Post
I guess the thing that Steelers fans are looking for (as most other fans, i believe want too..), is consistency.
I personally don't think Seymour should be fined or suspended at all. Its all part of the game...a man's game. A tough game.
But lets use Harrison. Or even Woodley. I guess the issue here is that if they do the same thing, its akin to murder being committed, followed by fines + suspensions.
I don't think many Pittsburgh fans are upset with Seymour and in the big scheme of things, it was a very small play in a huge mess of BS today....however, they are VERY upset with the refs and though they won big, its almost unsatisfying. We would have rather won 20-17 with fair officiating.
well said, TRH .
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