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Default Re: talk about piss'n me off....Top 50 players: Can't deny titled Brady anymore

I think it is just a "Who to watch" list for this year. Some oft injured guys like Shockey and McNair on the list. Really I think Faneca should have made the list as well. Possibly before Ward. Plenty of good-to-great WR's in the league...fewer good-to-great OG's.

But these lists are just a subjective view from one writer who may or may not like a certain team, player, area of the country, etc. At this point, it's just bragging rights for the fans of those teams' players who made the list. Just like the Power Rankings at this point....nothing more than bragging rights. And superficial ones at that.

Why not extend the "usefulness" of the list? Who on the list hits the Injured Reserve? Who hits the IR first? Second? Who ends up on the IR before the season starts? Who is the biggest disappointment in '05? And so on.

Yeah, this list is already more relevant. :)
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