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Default Re: Please don't skip over this.

Originally Posted by ricardisimo View Post
When you watch Matt starting a thread like this, you just can't help but think "Matt's really having fun out there." Matt clearly has internalized the Fun Ethic of Brett Favre, our Lord and Savior. Good work, Matt. Keep up the fun. I just hope you don't ever toy with the idea of retiring, as Brett Favre, our Lord and Savior has done.

Brett Favre.

I just saw this post. And it's true, I keep doing it for the love of the game. Though I could never compare myself to the Great One, I do try to "really have fun out there" and just be a "big kid out there." All in his image, of course.

On a more somber note, I am once again resurrecting this thread. Brett Favre lost his coach today. Though they may have had their trials and tribulations, this is still a loss for The Great One.

I know Brett Favre would be much too modest to ask for himself, so I have taken it upon myself to ask for your thoughts and prayers in this, his time of need.

Brett Favre
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