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Default Re: Randle El is on the bench

Originally Posted by jjpro11 View Post
better than Wallace.. ooh.. i don't know.. if Wallace can nail down the short to immediate routes, he could be as good of a deep threat as Moss was in his prime. if DBs have to start respecting him running slants and curls, his double moves will be downright deadly. Sanders looks great though.. him and Brown will both benefit this team for a long time.
Wallace will never be as good a deep threat as Moss....let me correct that....Wallace will never be as good a total WR as Moss. As much as I hate Moss let's not be silly. Wallace does not have the size to physically dominate DB's like Moss did. If Wallace doesn't run by the db he's rarely going to use his body to make long balls look routine like Moss did.....and Moss dealt with double and triple coverages on a routine basis.

Once Wallace does learn to use his body better and improve his ball skills he'll definitely be a great WR. I think he's still a year away from being one of the best in the league. His speed and motor make him great right now. Once he learns the position the league better watch out. The problem is speed WR's don't usually last long in the NFL. Once they lose a step they aren't so special. He reminds me of the Ram's WR's a while back. Expect Wallace to put up some huge numbers for a short period of time...but don't expect the longevity of a Moss or even a Hines Ward.

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