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Default Dick LeBeau's Hall of Fame Drive

Send the "Impeachable Drive" to Canton? Here's the sequence.

SNAP 1: McFadden rushes for 4 yards

SNAP 2: Campbell sideways bounce pass

SNAP 3: Ike Taylor interception called back for Harrison legally crushing the QB

SNAP 4: Timmons sack called back for Raider illegal motion

SNAP 5: Farrior sack called back for Steelers barely offside

SNAP 6: Raider offensive holding and Ziggy gets in a nice hit on the QB

SNAP 7: McFadden rushes for zero yards

SNAP 8: Incomplete pass and Harrison gets in a nice hit on receiver

SNAP 9: Incomplete pass and Harrison gets in nice hit on QB & Farrior on the rec.


Dick LeBeau gets an "Ike Taylor" INTERCEPTION, 2 SACKS, an additional 3 QB HITS, 2 HITS on the receivers, 3 INCOMPLETE PASSES, ONE NO-GAIN RUSH and a PUNT. (edited:) Oh yeah. And 2:35 of clock too.

The Raiders get NINE SNAPS and FOUR YARDS. Pure Genius. Sure. It may not all have counted but it was most certainly FELT.
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