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Default Re: T. Ocho Calls Big Ben "Soft"

You guys are nuts. If anyone of you were popped in the head by Seymore you'd probably be dead. Yea Ben had a helmet on so his skull is still in tact. He wasn't injured or knocked out. I'm sure he dropped because of the shock of it.

Imagine getting popped in the face that hard (even with a helmet) NOT expecting it. I'm willing to bet your first reaction would be to drop to protect your self because you have no idea of what just hit you. As soon as Ben got his head back on he jumped up and jogged to the sideline un injured. So I think it was more a shock reaction then anything. Ever been hit in the face or head by a ball you didnt see coming? What's the first thing you did? You hit the deck. I've seen it many times playing sports or messing around w/ buddies. You get a surprise shot to the face and you'll be on the ground. Has nothing to do with being tough or soft.
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