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Default Re: The 'conspiracy' against the Steelers

this Smizik is a complete douche-bag.
First of all, the reason Goodell suspended Ben is because it was the 2nd incident (even though neither proved and Ben could just be a target for attention/money grubbing bar ho's.....) and they chose to suspend him because of "misconduct" and putting himself in situations and places where he could become a target and be accused of things.
Second, Harrison's fines have been extremely stiff and above and beyond what others are getting (don't give me that "numerous offense" BS, these were clean plays......Why didn't other players get fined the same amount for the same offense? A good example is the Merriweather hit. Now THAT hit was a purpose head shot, no question, yet he was fined 25K LESS..
and third, do i even have to mention the officiating Sunday? Ryan Clark penalized for a phantom helmet-to-helmet hit that never was.
Yes, other players are getting fined.(well.......not all........2 different times Hines Ward gets helmet-to-helmeted and where are those fines?) But the fines and penalties are not coming as fast, as consistent, or as harsh as they're coming at Pittsburgh. Even countless journalists in other cities have been reporting on this throughout the week.
This guy sounds like he has something personal against Ben. I usually like the articles written by most area journalists but consistently, this guy sucks. Is he a Browns fan in disguise or something?
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