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Default Re: talk about piss'n me off....Top 50 players: Can't deny titled Brady anymore

Again, it's a subjective list. What's the criteria?

I'm surprised that one guy from a 15-1 team would end up on the list.

I don't envy the job of putting that list together. It would be tough to remain objective. And I'm sure Prisco believes himself to be.

As far as Ward in '05, I think many in the non-Steeler media look at Roethlisberger's post-season slip/failure and project it onto this year. Many seem to place a large emphasis on Plax's departure. If you read what Prisco writes, it really seems he's doing it as a favor to Steeler fans.

Personally, I'd put Staley on that list. Hell, if no Steeler O-Lineman is worthy of the list, certainly the guy who will benefit greatly from the Steeler OL should be on the list. Obviously injuries or the possibility of injuries doesn't mean much for placement on the list.
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