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Default Re: javon walker in pittsburgh

Originally Posted by Midnightwriter1
I am sure their are planty of teams interested .. He is big, decent speed and good hands. I am not so much worried about if he can still play , but more so what it would take to get him. He defiantely wants a pay raise from his current salary as well, so him sitting out and saying he isnt going to play wont do much for him. G.B can hold onto his rights for as long as he holds out, even if he doesnt play at all. Will prolly hear more about him and deals being done as we do creep up to the draft.
I kinda feel bad for the guy.
He wanted a better deal last year and might have held out if "Vicadin" Favre hadn't added his two cents in on the matter.
He might have had a little more financial security before his injury.
Too bad Favre couldn't be as quick to figure out what he's going to do as he seemed to know what was best for Walker.

I don't know how much of a pay raise he should expect coming off a knee injury??
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