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Default Re: Teams who can pass beat Pgh

Originally Posted by thumper View Post
And that isn't going to change, come play offs, if we make it.

Teams that have to run to win, like the Raiders, are cooked geese
if they play Pgh, but teams that can pass all day (N.O., Pats) can
and will beat this team, period. I don't see that changing this year.

What can be done about it? Upgrade DBs and pass rush next season.
How? Not sure, but until they fix that, we are definitely in trouble vs.
teams who can pass without needing a rushing game.
We didn't lose the New Orleans game because of our defense. Our offense failed all day. 10 points won't cut it. New Orleans can pass, yet they didn't get it going at all until the 4th quarter.

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