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Default Re: Hines Ward In Korea & Respect

Originally Posted by Midnightwriter1
so is a clothing line for african americans ? If was a clothing line that was specifically for white people then i guess would be an outrage and rascism would be yelled? lol your right 83 Steelers 43 when you said " I'm not up to date on the hip-hop world nor do I care to be, but that's a great selling add for bringing races together. *sarcasm* "
If you read Suit's attached article you would realize that what you are sayin is not true.

Its name is an acronym for "For Us, By Us," a slogan that expressed the founders' purpose of creating a line of popular clothing designed for African-Americans, by African-Americans. At the time of FUBU's inauguration, though numerous clothiers were targeting black consumers for their urban wear, none of these companies was black-owned or black-run.

That acronym, meant as a positive statement of black empowerment, was not always received as such. Some perceived it as a declaration of black racism, an exclusionary bit of sign-posting that effectively warned off anyone not of color from the raiment.

Racism was not intended, though. At the time they brought FUBU into existence, the five young trendsetters who started the company were unaware that anyone other than urban blacks also favored that style of clothing. "We thought only inner-city kids were into Timberland," said CEO Daymond John. Theirs was a world where clothing worn exclusively by inner-city kids (or so they thought) wasn't being designed by them. They set out to change that, along the way adopting a company name that proudly expressed that intent.

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