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Default Re: javon walker in pittsburgh

Originally Posted by Midnightwriter1
Again, i am the first who will say if you have a contract, then you should honor it and that goes for Steeler players as well. I was all over Wards ass for being a lil girl and rying about his shit to the media. It is wards right of course just as it is Walkers to hold out.. but teammates should just keep their mouths shut .. especiallya man making millions of dollars compared to somoene making peanuts compared to him. I dont think it was right for Walker to hold out, but it was just as wrong for Favre to get in the middle of his business and call him out. I seriously doubt Favre gave him any of his money after Walker felt compelled to come back and tore up his ACL.

I dont think Walker is any kind of cancer, just doesnt like the organization and especially doesnt like his QB and wants out. I seriously doubt we will or would get him, but if we did he would be worth it i think.
hes most likely out of the steelers pricerange but they are doing the smart thing by giving him a look. if he was healthy id rather have him as a starter rather than drafting someone who may take as long to develop as javon did. he may only get a new contract in the range of what keyshawn, bruce, el, givens, and moulds did. im thinking an average of those salaries might actually be a bargain on a 4-5 year deal for him.

will he give a bargain to the steelers is the question the front office has. and would the steelers make a trade cause i think teams like the pats or eagles may outbid them if he were released? in this case i wouldnt mind a trade (assuming hes ready to go of course)
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