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Default Re: So tired of these BS calls...

Originally Posted by FacemeIke View Post
The Steelers as an organization have a lot of pull I dont get why Dick L. and the Rooneys don't stand up for their guys in the media lobbying for a change. The Rooneys and Dick L. are both very respected in the league and could possibly make a change. If they are not going to take their time to complain then I guess we'll have to play versus the officiating every week.

Tomlin neeeds to do the same, although he doesn't have the type of pull or respect in the NFL yet as the others do

Tomlin will likely say nothing, the league will fine him. The Rooney's are a class act, but one has to imagine how much they can actually take before they speak out in some way. Certainly he can't be sitting up in the box satisfied with this. The bias against this team is very much out of control. If anyone argues otherwise, they need to take out film of the BS roughing the passer penalties, the helmet-to-helmet hits on Hines Ward with no league reprecussion's, etc.
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