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Default Re: So tired of these BS calls...

I was at the Raiders game, and I can honestly say I thought that was the WORST offciated game I EVER seen, for both teams....Today's game rolls around, and BAM, another HUGE stinker for the ref's AGAIN....Not saying some of the calls weren't correct calls, but it's SO lopsided and OBVIOUS it's DISGUSTING anymore....Sittin' here watching the game at home today, I truly had the feeling while I was watchin the game that "this isn't fun anymore"....Meaning, the league/refs are KILLING the sport we all love....The Harrison hit was called correct IMO, by the guidelines the league has set, but the rules are HORRIBLE anymore, the GUIDELINES SUCK....I though las weeks call against #92 was totally bogus, and now this week the guy is getting ready to sack the QB, puts his head in the guys chest, and he draws a flag, it's just PITIFUL....Many of the holding calls IMO were legit, but the next series the Bills go on O and Woodley is getting arm barred/neck tackled/pulled to the ground, and NO FLAG....It's just BS, I'm really starting to believe the conspiracy theories against the Steelers, and I never would have ever thought that before....But anymore, it's really starting to get that obvious, what else could it be.
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