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Default Re: So tired of these BS calls...

Originally Posted by cubanstogie View Post
I really don't buy into the conspiracy theory yet. I tend to think that most of the refs are old, don't see well and really have no business in there position. I see bad officiating in almost every game I watch not just Steelers games.
That's my thinking too. I hate these complaints about officiating. Bad calls are made every game...just gotta deal with them. Last week was one of the worst officiated games I've ever seen, yet the Steelers didn't let it affect them at all. This week, they were letting some bad calls/missed calls (and some good calls) drag them down.

Now, more to what I think the OP's intent of the thread was, I HATE some of the new rules...and yes, some of them do seem geared towards the Steelers (or Harrison to be more specific). But I'm not buying a total conspiracy theory yet either. I just think they are very poorly defined rules and the refs are just calling what they see (or what they think they see).

It's become part of the game though...can't let it get to your head like it obviously did to the Steelers today.
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