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Default Re: So tired of these BS calls...

Originally Posted by Fire Arians View Post
Not even close. If those holds were consistently called on both teams then sure I'd agree....but you never see anyone getting holding calls for the arm bar move that every OT uses on Harrison every week on almost every play. Then they call it when we break a huge run.....stinks to high heaven.

We are being targeted by the league. They have a ZERO tolerance for Harrison and pretty much any of our players. Ben gets punched in the face last week.....gets pounded in the ground this week....and basically nothing. There is no consistency. I'd like to Roger Goodell to just come out publicly and say FU Steelers. Then at least we can quit complaining and pretending it's not fixed when it clearly is.

This is competition. When one player or team is held to a different standard then another then it's's fixed. It is NOT in the spirit of competition. Its un ethical and is ruining the league. I dont watch the NBA or pro wrestling for the same crap the NFL is now engaged in. It's getting easier and easier to not watch a game. The ONLY game I watch now is the Steelers. I used to watch football all day Sunday....and the monday night games.... I quit watching any game not involving the steelers...its just a bad product w/ so many commercials you just want to vomit.
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