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Default Re: Steelers: Better lucky than good

This mentality of "better lucky than good" is exactly what will get us one and done in the playoffs. If we even make them. This is why Ariens is Crap. When a team plays down to their inferior competition, something is wrong. When a team abandons what has built them a 13-0 lead only to luck out in Overtime, something is wrong. Terribly Towel wrong.

When will this team learn that Ben is not only getting older, all those hits are starting to take their toll. When will we go after a game changer on our OL in the draft? If anything, Pouncy should teach them this. Not hard to understand people, protect your passer and with the talent we have, we will win the game (except against the Pats)

Our D is one of the best in the league. If our O can score and keep the other team off the field, we will win. That is crucial, especially in the playoffs. That is why the Pats creamed us. We didn't keep Barbie doll brady off the field. Our first 1st down was in teh 2nd qtr!!??? That won't get it done. The Lions were up 14-3 on Turkey day, could you imagine being ahead 13-3 aganst the Pats? I can guarantee you that they don't drop that O/T winning pass.

We won't beat good teams playing this type of inept Offense. With how many offensive minded coaches that are available, if we keep Arians we deserve what we get.......A brown stain.
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