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Default The Steelers Maignot Line

Eason, Hood, Keisel and Hoke, Hampton and whoever else the Steelers got have been playing like a french built maignot line. They look impressive, but they like the bite. Watching the front four of the bills attack Ben was depressing. I was wondering why the Steelers don't have a terror at DE. Julious Peppers or Freeney? I realize that in the 3-4, the line is to stuff the holes and allow the LB's take all the sack glory. That's fine. Except when there are 8 or 7 players who drop back in coverage, there needs to be at least a 4 to 5 second rush penetration. The bills were rushing 3 to 4 linemen all day and getting to Ben. The Steelers have been unable to do that. The Steelers need to rush 5 or more just to put heat on the QB. When that happens, you've got receivers in one on one coverage against pathetic CB's except Taylor.

Here's the basic point, the QB's are given too much time to throw when we rush three or four lineman. This has to be fixed.
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