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Default Re: Next 3 weeks will decide our fate

Nothing has changed since week 4 when the Ravens won at Heinz - after that loss it was pretty clear that if the Steelers lost in Baltimore they would lose the division

What is somewhat suprising is that (so far) the Steelers have not lost any games that looked like certain wins when the schedule came out and have a very good 5-1 road record

Getting the #5 rather than #6 wildcard seed is no small thing since my bet is San Diego gets the #3 seed and whomever wins the weak AFC South is the # 4 seed
Neither the Ravens or Steelers want any part of a road game in San Diego in January

I am nowhere near as optimistic as I was in late Septembr about the Steelers chances this year but if someone told me around the time Colon was injured that this year's Steelers would make the playoffs as a wild card I would have taken it
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