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Default Re: FINES? $25K for fight?

Originally Posted by SteelCityRules View Post
Exactly. This league is a joke. When will enough be enough? When will someone who actually has power stand up & say something?
When someone assaults or kills Roger Goodell.

His negative influence on the NFL will continue until someone makes him unable to perform his duties as commissioner. I know it's somewhat in bad taste to say such things but I honestly don't see anything good coming from him being in charge - the league has basically become a mere shadow of its former self. Bring back hard hits, extravagant and hilarious endzone celebrations, the "bad boy" image of the NFL, etc. I don't care how badly you want to make the NFL family friendly, when you have hundreds of testosterone-fueled athletes giving their all, things are going to get heated, and when you have people making seven figure salaries, things are going to be different in how they are treated off the field.

The on-field things are being handled completely wrong and the off-field incidents should not even been within Goodell's jurisdiction. I am so hoping that an NFL player on his way out, with nothing left to lose, at the VERY least goes on a very long rant about Goodell and starts some kind of movement to oust him.

Originally Posted by BigRick View Post
This is pure bullshit! A legal hit draws a 75K fine, but a fist fight draws a 25K fine. So maybe this is what the Steelers do against the Cravens, pick out a DL player and have him knock Flaccid's ass off. It's only 25 k and a sure victory.
The sick thing is that I think this could very well be a common tactic, and I wonder why it's not done in sports more often if the penalties for it are not going to be all that severe.
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