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Default Re: Will not be tolerated… double standard

Originally Posted by Whodis View Post
Apples to Apples

Do you think the punishment for the fight was fair compared to what has been happening to Harrison?

Apples to Apples

How do you rank this with the fine given to Seymor? A repeat offender who hit someone that wasn't engaged with him at the time.

Lets focus on the "double standard" and your opinion about it. I ask you, what would happen if a shady roughing the passer call costs the Jets the game against the Pats? What do you think the fallout will be? Do you think Rex Ryan will say "we need to work on tackling technique". Theres no right or wrong answer just curious what your hung up on.
Apparently you and I have different ideas as to what makes an apple an apple, but anyway.

I've got no problems with the penalty for the Finnegan vs what's his name fight. The NFL hasn't come out and warned everyone about fighting. A fight like we saw on Sunday isn't the norm, it's an anomaly. Unlike helmet to helmet hits which are dangerous and potentially life threatening. I think if the NFL really cared about player safety and helmet to helmet hits they would put them back in leather helmets. Doing so would put an end to it with a quickness.
I think that Seymour should have been suspended for sucker punching Ben. However, the calls against Harrison don't influence my opinion there. It's simply based on the fact he's done if before and there's no place for it in sports at any level(clearly I'm not referring to boxing, mma.....). As far as the call against Harrison on Sunday, I thought it was close. But, if they called a personal foul for that bs hit on Cambell the week before clearly the hit on Fitz was going to be called as well.

I'm not hung up on anything, simply pointing out that the OP is comparing apples to oranges. Regarding the remaining questions I'm not going to worry about mythical scenarios and what another teams coach would do about it. I don't want to see Tomlin up there during a press conference after a loss crying about the refs. Doing so would just make him/the Steelers look like sore losers. For every time a game is supposedly decided by a penalty I guarantee you can find 10 plays the losing team didn't make that would have changed their fortune.

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