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Default Re: Will not be tolerated… double standard

Originally Posted by Whodis View Post
Well said.

I don't agree with any of the punishment for hitting. The NFL promotes a violent game that invovles hard hits. I'm a huge hockey fan. The league tried to "clean up" it's image starting in the late 80's early 90's with bigger rinks and Europeans. To make a long story short...... The games sucked

The NFL doesn't care about player safety or well being. This is a knee jerk reaction to what they percieved as a hit to their image. They wing it week to week with fines. I felt the pentalty against Harrison in the Bills game was "HUGE"! I could look at that call and say "that changed the game".

baseball has done the same thing (aiming for bigger scores, shorter fences for home runs, frowning on good pitching, etc....). And what an abysmal failure that has been. Nobody gives a f*** about baseball anymore. When someone says "baseball", you can hear the crickets chirping...(and that will only get worse as the younger people even care less about baseball)
The example of the 18-14 baseball game and the 66-49 football game has pretty much proven themselves overhyped, un-interesting and un-worthy. For some reason, Goodell hasn't learned this lesson.
I don't see what kind of "hit to their image" has to do with anything. Football has been just fine for years and years and has gained more popularity each year, and there's always been hard hitting (a major part of the appeal). Hit to their image??
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