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Default Re: Harrision fined 25K!!!

So you mean to tell me, You get fined 25k for tackling, The same amount you get fined for Punching someone in the face and for fighting on the field? Sorry for my language, but Roger Goodell can eat Sh*t!!! Before you know it, Harrison is going to end up homeless I'm starting to believe this conspiracy theory, because the things that have been happening seems to be going backwards. The Steelers get flagged like 14 times in the Oakland game, Ben gets sucker-punched in the jaw. The guy who did it should have been suspended. Harrison gets fined yet again for tackling the QB. And the A-Holes believe it was another Helmet-Helmet hit. You know this all goes back to The Saints game when Hines Ward was hit by both players with there helmets in the endzone, but somehow Ward gets flagged instead. Sorry for complaining, but I don't give a crap anymore. Something needs to be done about this!!! ASAP!!

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