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Default Just a small gripe (for those looking for a tailgate)

I guess I should have expected this to happen sometime, and I guess that I should have known... but....

I have extended (and Dom routinely does, way more than me) an invite to my tailgate for various Steelers games on here.. I see the posts quite often..

"I am coming in from xxxx with some friends.. can I join in a tailgate"

Usually this ends pretty well, it ended especially well for the Browns game with several folks from out of state coming by my tailgate, fitting in, and chipping in for food/beer.. whatnot.

Unfortunetly, for the Patriots game, there was a guy on here that said he would trade a parking pass (it was in the Green 6 lot or something way far away from where I tailgate) to come to a tailgate for free.... okay, well.. usually I just ask people to chip in for the tailgate, but a parking pass in exchange would be okay anyways.. even though I didn't know if it I would be able to sell it.

So.. we exchanged PM's.. I gave him my email, cell #.. everything was fine, he even had his g/f friend me on facebook so that they were clear on where the tailgate would be.. who to look for etc.... at that point, I figured that I would use the parking pass to possibly barter with scalpers to get some $ off tickets to the game (which I didn't have).

The guy calls me on my cell the day before to confirm.... texts me that morning... asks me to pick him up some club soda at the store (which I do). We get to the tailgate.... I text him and let him know where we are at.

He and his friends never show.

What I am guessing is that they met someone at the hotel or along the way and went there.. so.. whatever.. cool... but I had figured him and his friends (there were 4 of them) in for food, and I had figrued I'd be getting that pass... he never texted or called me the whole time either.

And BELIEVE ME.. my tailgates are NOT a money making venture... my friends always look at me funny when I introduce them to someone at my tailgate who I said "I know them from the internet - Steelersfever"... but, I've met a few cool people.. and that is great.

So.. that is my story, and why I won't make any extra effort any longer for internet forum fans.... I guess I should have not got so involved, and just should have figured they wouldn't have showed.. and it wasn't like I was *really* out anything (I had so much food it was sickening)... but it just really dug under my skin some... and it took me weeks to finally post something.

It was their crappy luck though.. I later saw his g/f posted on facebook prior to the game "tailgating in the rain".... my tailgate was nice & dry undercover with a nice toasty burn barrell

So.. bottom line... I'll be in Blue 7g with the Steelers Fan Van for the last 3 home games.. if I see ya.. cool.. stop by and say hi.. if I have extra food and beer.. and you can chip in for it.. cool. We always have a good time, so does Dom, he has a kickarse tailgate too, minus a van + a cool shot board....


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