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Default Re: Just a small gripe (for those looking for a tailgate)

Sorry to hear about your story. My wife and I were lucky enough to join Dom and others at their tailgate last year. It was a great time, and I realize that they don't have to put an invite out there.

I guess I want to put a thank you out there for people like you and Dom that open their tailgates to people they don't know. I hate that that happened to you. We will be out there for the Cincy game, and as always we are looking for a fun tailgate.

For those of us that are looking for tailgates lets follow through with what we set up with those offering their tailgates to us. I personally am an Eagles fan and I attend several Eagles games a year, so I get to enjoy Eagles tailgates and fans several hours before the games, so it isn't a big deal for me. My wife however is a Steelers fan, and I like to give her the chance to enjoy a Steelers tailgate with Steelers fans. We were in Buffalo last week, and were lucky enough to tailgate Buffalo style with family.

If people continue to do things like this those of us from out of town will not be able to enjoy a tailgate the way we do now.

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