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Default Re: Just a small gripe (for those looking for a tailgate)

Yea, I haven't completely given up.. see my quote:

So.. bottom line... I'll be in Blue 7g with the Steelers Fan Van for the last 3 home games.. if I see ya.. cool.. stop by and say hi.. if I have extra food and beer.. and you can chip in for it.. cool. We always have a good time, so does Dom, he has a kickarse tailgate too, minus a van + a cool shot board....
I just
a) won't be going out of my way to text people or give people my cell or friend them on facebook or whatever, even if this means that they might have a tough time finding it

b) won't be relying on someone who says they are coming with "x" (insert drink/food/parking pass/other item) to actually show up with it.

c) won't be making any extra food / packing anything special for anyone that says they are coming and I'll just hope we will have enough if they do.

and, just so folks don't think I'm a total b*tch... (though boy, I am coming off as one.. lol)... this isn't the first time someone didn't show up.. it isn't the *not showing up* part..

it was all the extra parts, the parking pass I didn't get.. the extra phone calls I took, the extra texts, the facebook thing.. the getting the club soda thing...

I just really needed to vent..

Thanks for listening and maybe I'll see some of yinz down at the 7g sometime.... look for the fan van and the drunk *almost* 40 year old lady doing keg stands and giving out jello shots and black & gold leis.


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