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Default Re: Just a small gripe (for those looking for a tailgate)


- I, nor Dom, get any money from SteelersFever.. We are no different than any other regular forum user. So going out and purchasing a banner would be something we would have to do on our own and pay for it... if someone wants to get this for me.. sure.. I'd put up a Steelers Fever Banner at my tailgates I have... but someone from SF would have to get it for me.

- I have a "Steelers Fan Van".... it says that right on the side and front of the Van.. I have even, in the past, put up a picture of it... I realize there are plenty of other vans in various lots (though I doubt hundreds...) but mine is the only one with "Steelers Fan Van" on the side.

- Dom and I always post which lot we will be in.. and the lots we are in, aren't very large....

Here is a picture of one of my tailgates from last year (when I was in red 7c) and you can see the "fan van" on the side of the van.

Now that you know.. maybe I'll see ya someday


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