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Default Re: talk about piss'n me off....Top 50 players: Can't deny titled Brady anymore

When the lists of "Top 25/50/75/100 Guys To Watch Next Year" come out, you know we're in one of the deadest parts of the off-season. There isn't anything else to talk about that hasn't already been hashed over a million times to put out a list that will create conversation. What else is Prisco to do in the off-season? Already discussed the free agency period, the draft, and projections on where teams will finish in '05. He probably has to keep writing something, even if it's garbage, to keep his job.

Similar reasoning behind starting the "Who is the best Steeler LB/WR/QB/RB ever?" threads on various Steeler boards. It creates discussion when there isn't much to discuss.

I asked on another Steeler message board why Al Wilson was on the list. The response I got was that he was underrated. To be honest, I don't know much about him. But I'm sure there are better players out there. After Farrior's year last year, why not put him up there?

I still think the biggest snub is to the Steeler OL. Put just about any RB behind that line last year and he's going to rack up 100+ yard game after 100+ yard game.
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