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Default Re: LenDale White Not Looking Good

well i guess ya'll are right, but i just want a big back, because i ain't really comfortable with wille, those -2 yards, -2 yards, +12 yards he does don't impress me much, i rather have a guy that can pound and consistently move the ball foward, so i'm just trying to stay positive with lendale cause he could be that back. now i'm not saying willie can't be consistent but he hasn't proven he can and i have a lot of doubts, and i think he'll never be a back that can carry the load on his own, that's why i want lendale, or humes to groom and duce to stay healthy because again willie to me can't be that back we can count on every down.

also don't get this twisted i have a lot of love for willie and what he's been able to do, i'm just giving my opinion, not trying to bash willie cause i hope we can resign him and keep for a while, cause if we can get lendale and maybe change his work ethic or another young big back they'll be deadly for quite some time
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