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Default Re: Why is Julian Assange un-American?

Originally Posted by SteelersinCA View Post
Yes, let's deflect to a couple lives endangered as opposed to the human right violations our government overlooks according to our own diplomatic cables. Then we'll pretend if that doesn't change one's mind they haven't thought about it. Typical.

The danger of not thinking is being caught up in the spin about assange being a villain. If someone actually reads the cables, they'll find out our government is doing a lot of shit we probably wouldn't approve of. I mean why would anyone want the citizens to know they lost 4 billion dollars. These aren't state secrets theyre a window into the day to day operations of our government and it's not the slightest bit pretty.

Are some lives in danger? Maybe but that pales in comparison to the truth exposed.
Name me one Government ever that hasn't had some degree of corruption assocciated with it? It's just the way it is, and always has been. Not saying you don't clean up what you can when you can, but if you're looking for complete transparency in government you're barking mad. It never has happened, never will.

And there was absolutley no reason to include the Afghan nationals names, Assange isn't a hero, he's just a self absorbed, self serving puke who's basking in his 15 minutes of fame. I hope he soon wakes up just as dead as many of those Afghan nationals he put in harms way.

"A man's got to know his limitations."
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