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Default Re: Why is Julian Assange un-American?

Originally Posted by zulater View Post
Name me one Government ever that hasn't had some degree of corruption assocciated with it? It's just the way it is, and always has been. Not saying you don't clean up what you can when you can, but if you're looking for complete transparency in government you're barking mad. It never has happened, never will.

And there was absolutley no reason to include the Afghan nationals names, Assange isn't a hero, he's just a self absorbed, self serving puke who's basking in his 15 minutes of fame. I hope he soon wakes up just as dead as many of those Afghan nationals he put in harms way.

While it doesn't surprise me you wish someone dead, please explain to me how this is a zero sum game. You see, when people have devastatingly lost argument they usually resort to a few things, ad hominem attacks, trying to make things a zero sum game or something to do with Nazis. (see Godwin's law) Not one single person argued for complete transparency, in fact, you are the first to suggest it.

The discussion is about how much corruption you are willing to put up with and how much you are willing to sacrifice to get there.

Again, people like you want to attack Assange like he's the only one doing this, like he's the one who put those names in there. He along with the 5 media outlets had tons of correspondence with the State Dept. re: what info to redact.

Where is your outrage with those 5 media outlets for not censoring it??

Where is your outrage with the State Dept?

Where is your outrage that the Afghani Govt is corrupt and playing both the Taliban AND us???

Assange is an easy feel good target. See the other problem with people is they don't like to admit when they are wrong and they want to run as far away as possible from the real problem.

Edit: I see Rico talked about absolute transparency, I did not read that before I replied to your quote of me.
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