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Default Re: Why is Julian Assange un-American?

Originally Posted by SteelersinCA View Post
I'll take that as you admitting you were incorrect with your first comment in this thread saying something he did which "bothered" you. I'm still trying to figure out what to do with the comment about not giving things much thought, because it's apparent you don't or, more appropriately, can't.

Although I am still curious, if you fault the litany of others who are doing the exact same thing. This may operate on a plane of thought higher than you are accustomed to, but no one is championing him so much as they are pointing out even when the government is exposed as hypocrites, they continue to be such.

BTW, I thought I was on ignore, what did I do to redeem myself to be removed from that place of esteem?

Honestly I'm not that interested in the subject matter, to some extent I think it's funny, and somewhat ridiculous. But I also think it's equally ridiculous that you guys are trumping up this asshole as if he's some kind of hero. He's not. Ask his "dates" if you don't want to take my word for it.

And I never had you on ignore, I just usually choose to ignore you.
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