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Default Re: Whitlock Puts Ben in His Top Three

Originally Posted by GMU Steeler View Post
Ben's detractors talk about how he lucked by going to the Steelers but they never mention that he held his own as a 22 year old rookie. Yeah he didn't have to throw as much back then but I remember his rookie season. One of his most impressive passing games was a win against the Patriots who were on a huge winning streak at the time and the next week he led the team to a victory of the Eagles who were also undefeated. Both those two teams played in the SB that year. Yeah Ben will never be Manning or Brady but you know what that's fine with me. He's tougher and has more heart than both of them. It's not just playing with the broken nose and hurt foot like he did last night but other things like playing a week following an appendicomy. believe me I've had one of those and it was one of the worst experiences of my life. And he's one of the best clutch QBs in the game if not the best.
Quoted for truth. I think Ben would still get back in to play if he had a gunshot wound. The guy is tough as nails.
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