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Default Re: ok now, pick Cowhers WORST draft ...

Rnd Name College Note
1 Troy Edwards Louisiana Tech
2 Scott Shields Weber State
3 Joey Porter Colorado State
3 Kris Farris UCLA
3 Amos Zereoue West Virginia
4 Aaron Smith Northern Colorado
5 Jerame Tuman Michigan
5 Malcolm Johnson Notre Dame
7 Antonio Dingle Virginia
7 Chad Kelsay Nebraska
7 Kris Brown Nebraska

I gotta go 99...I mean, if you weight your picks accordingly, to have 3 of your top 4 picks be absolute busts is AWFUL. Sure, Porter and Smith were good picks, but keep it in perspective...

Look at needs and who we passed over. With #1, we absolutely wasted a pick on Troy Edwards, largely based on 1 good game he had as a senior against Nebraska. Who did we pass over? Torry Holt.

In Rd 2, we went with Scott Shields. At the time, I thought it was kind of cool because he was such a big body, but it was just a weak draft at that position...the first quality safety taken was Dexter Jackson in Rd 4...another absolutely wasted pick.

In 3A we did okay with Porter, but Kris Farris at 3B was another awful pick. What OL did we pass over for this lump of shit? John Tait, Luke Petitgout, Jon Jansen, LJ Shelton, and Rex Tucker, all of whom except Tucker went on to become starters. Farris was a marginal player floating from team to team for a couple years as practice squad fodder before he was put out to pasture.
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