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Default Re: ok now, pick Cowhers WORST draft ...

Originally Posted by Suitanim

Look at needs and who we passed over. With #1, we absolutely wasted a pick on Troy Edwards, largely based on 1 good game he had as a senior against Nebraska. Who did we pass over? Torry Holt.

im pretty sure that the steelers had holt targeted all along and the rams snagged him up with a top 10 pick right before we chose. we settled for edwards.

(i just looked it up. holt went 6th, boston went 8th, edwards13th. j. kearse went 2 picks later. al wilson was 31st and only 3wr were taken in the 1st round)

lol at 2000. atleast we got plex. the next 2 wr taken in the 1st round were sylvester morriss and that puke r.j soward. plex was preceded by p.warric with a total of 4. (he cost us j. abraham or b. urlacher. im starting to think no on any position players with #32 this year

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