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Default Re: Steelers Vs Ravens Game was The Most Watched Game This Week!!

Originally Posted by MattsMe View Post
And yet Mr. Goodell insists the fans want higher scoring finesse style arena football.
People tuned-in to watch what most closely-resembles what football used-to be, that was played in our youth, a style 'em Stillers & Purple Browns usually deliver by the barrel, and will continue to deliver, until that syle is legislated out of the game:
blocking, running, tackling / I don't like you & you don't like me / let's line-up and see who wants it more, and not some stylized, hoity-toity, track-meet / basketball game on turf.

You are correct that the peole running the League today are out-of-touch with their fanbase (sadly, those same people continue to shovel money into the League's pants), the proof-being is listen to a football-based, sports-talk show on the Interweb from any city in America:
while the discussions are humming about the NFL, it isn't good publicity, as many are beginning to realize it is on a downward spiral, and has-been for several years.

Adding an additional 2 games per season, while Goodell is fining players & preaching about 'player-safety', is pure-hypocrisy, and the fans are seeing-through this ruse, giving ammunition to the NFLPA in the upcoming negotiations:
how-stupid must he be to make over-paid millionaires 'sympathetic' in these tough economic times?

Ms. Goodell doesn't know the difference betwen himself, and a bucket of chit... but the bucket does!
"If I could start my life all-over again, I would be a professional football-player, and you damn-well better-believe I'd be a Pittsburgh Steeler!"
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