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Default Re: Why is Julian Assange un-American?

Originally Posted by ricardisimo View Post
So, I just want to be clear on this: "self-gratifying douchebags" with bad romantic histories are worthy of being targeted for liquidation by the CIA in your worldview?

I'm assuming that your answer is no, that his real crime is his blatant disregard for the lives and well-being of a several dozen Afghanis. I'm wondering if Bush and Obama should be targeted by the CIA for their blatant disregard for the lives and well-being of several hundred thousand Afghanis, if not the entire population.

You're obviously too pompous to distinguish the difference between unaviodable collateral damage, in a wartime situation and the sort of betrayal and exposure that the wikileaks situation brought about for people who thought they were probably doing the right thing for their country. Because to you there is no just war, we are the bad guy, not the Taliban or Al Queda. To you American Imperialism is the root of all evil, so therefore there's no sense even trying to commincate on this sort of subject with you.

I can distinguish between two bads, the lesser of two evil so to speak, and that my friend is what world history is all about. Was the bombing of Hiroshima, Nagasaki, and Dresden evil? Yeah of course it was? Were those bombings absolutley essential to bring about a winning outcome? No, but they served a purpose nonetheless. They brought about a quicker resolution to the war, because they served to take the fight out of a civilian populace that prior to that wasn't willing to face the fact that they turned a blind eye to their own countries mayhem, and had wrought what they sewn in the end.

Look I know you guys are firm in your opinions, and that's fine. I know you can trot out all sort of rhetoric to support your arguemtn and that's fine too. But I'm not going to bother with that. Because, I'd never change your minds, and it's not worth my time to bother.

What, you don't think there are people of brilliance on both sides of this ( or any) argument? You don't think I could go and find supporting articles and columns just as insightfull and well thought out as anything that you can produce? Are you really that arrogant and self righteous that you can't fathom that there's two rationale sides to this discussion?

While I know this country is flawed, I accept that, because I also know that in the end it usually serves the greater good. I also know that there's never been an unflawed world power and never will be. In the end, in the real world, the people that matter, the ones that genuinely influence world events ( not Ivory towered granola eating, idealists like you and your buddy here) have to choose a side. Not that I matter any more than you, but I've chosen my side, flawed as it may be, and I'm on the side of our country and against those that wish to bring it down or do it harm. I consider Julian Assange to be among that group, and what comes of that is on him

. As they say, you don't grab the tail of the tiger unless you're prepared to deal with it's teeth.Good luck with that Mr Assange, or better yet, not.
"A man's got to know his limitations."

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