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Default Re: ok now, pick Cowhers WORST draft ...

Originally Posted by Suitanim
Some of those guys you completely wrote off were at least servicable, and had some productive years. Troy Edwards and a bucket of piss are on equal footing as far as NFL value is concerned...

i shouldve phrased that a little better. ....wasted 1st round picks. not wasted draftpick all together. i found 11 of the 42 who lived up to their 1st round billing. about 11 who were complete flops and about 20 who WERE servicable and had productive years. this middle group of 20 is your typical cheif receiver. kennison, morton, alexander, etc. these guys never lived up to their billing and definitely werent worth where they were drafted. #2 or #3 wr at best. randel els without the passing, running, or punt return skills.

many in this middle group of wr had their most productive years after the team who initially drafted them gave up on and dumped them.

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