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Default Re: First Time @ Heinz for Jets/ Steeler game!! Where do we tailgate?

Originally Posted by nicenaughty29 View Post
Hola Darlings!!!

So this will be my first time at Heinz Field and I'm so excited!! I'm of course a Steelers fan and my buddy a Jets fan....So here's the million dollar question. WHERE DO WE TAILGATE? Is there a specific parking area? Is it bring your own food and find a grill... Help a girl out. (I AM SO EXCITED)

Also...where the nightlife at? We will be in town on Satuday and need to find a club / lounge / bar or hookah spot to enjoy the night with the locals...

All and any information would be greatly appreciated!!! THANKS LUV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

send you a pm naughty.

although from NY as well all I can say is ....East Carson ST. 'nuff said. Any local agree.? I was entirely impressed!
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