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Default Re: my new raiders mock!!!

Strange grammar, and run-on sentences aside, here's the answer you won't understand, but makes the most sense.

First, Aaron Brroks has never thrown 28 TD passes in a season. He threw 27 TD's in 2002, but the Saints were 9-7 that year and finished 3rd in their Division. Conversely, the best year Dilfer ever had he threw 21 TD's, and only threw 12 TD passes in 2000. Of course, his team won the Super Bowl that year, so I retract my earlier comparison. I don't think Aaron Brooks has ever even won a playoff game, so probably doesn't deserve to be compared to a winner like Dilfer. Maybe Jeff Blake would be a better comparison.

Anyway, no hate, just facts...and facts suck for fans who live in fantasy land.
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