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Default Re: Why is Julian Assange un-American?

Originally Posted by The Patriot View Post
This whole thing is overhyped. Ignore Assange. He wants you to chase him. He wants to be an international fugitive.

And think about it. If some Australian guy can get at hundreds of thousands of secret US documents, don't you think China can too? Why doesn't the military try doing a better job of securing their information.
That's part of the point, I guess. Assange doesn't "get" the information; it's given to him, mostly by disgruntled Pentagon and CIA employees who are feeling abused, ignored, or overworked and underpaid. I imagine there's a few idealists in the mix as well, who perhaps believed our own propaganda and thought they were signing up for something nobler.

There's another possibility as well, and MoP touched on it when he was asking why there's nothing on Israel: these documents could have been selectively leaked. They are real government documents, but not everything. Ahmadinejead is convinced they are CIA-initiated. He's not the brightest bulb on Earth, but he would know a thing or two about CIA programs.

The Israel tidbit is perhaps the most telling. I mean, think about it... since the Soviet Union collapsed, there's really only been one country heavily spying on the US, and that's Israel. And yet we have NO documents on them? What are the odds of that?
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