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Default Re: What Jets fans are saying about playing in Pittsburgh!

Originally Posted by StainlessStill View Post
Wow, that place should have police caution tape wrapped all over it. Those Jets fans sure are preparing for a murder. Man, they have no clue what it's like to stick with their team and be hopeful through rough times. Hell, last season during our 5 game pathetic defensive stretch, we had 8 pages of how we can still make the playoffs! Down to the last game we held strong as fans. That's what separates Steelers fans over any other fan that's not worth mentioning.
Are you ****ing kidding me?

How on earth as a Steelers find do you find the audacity to call out NY Jets fans about sticking with their team through hard times? When has a NY Jets fan under the age of 40 seen a time that wasnt rough.

Meanwhile, how many SB's have the Steelers won during that time period?

Unreal, Jets fans are some of the most loyal fans on the planet. Their team kicks them square in the teeth year after year after year and we still come back for more.

You know what separates Steelers fans from every other fan not worth mentioning....1) being the trendiest team in the world to follow, hence why have an enormous obnoxious fanbase who have never stepped foot in the shit hole of a city 2) you've been to 7 SB's and won 6.

Man it must be tough being a Steelers fan.

**** OFF!!!! Spare me the how to be a fan bull shit coming from the biggest bandwagon fanbase on the planet.

I hope Bart Scott gives Big Rape a taste of his own medicine and finds him in a bathroom stall after the game.
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