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Default Re: Getting to know your fellow Steeler Fever members

Personal Information:
Name (first name only): Rob
Date of Birth (month & day): Aug 5
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown
Left/Right Handed: R
Sex: Male
Location: NYS
Marital Status: MARRIED
Nationality: Puerto Rican (both parents straight off the boat)
Occupation: Human Services

Football Related:
Favorite NFL team:
Most Hated NFL team: Patriots
Your most memorable moment as you were rooting for your team: Santonio's catch
Your most painful moment as you were rooting for your team: Seeing Neil O'
Donnell throw away the Super Bowl and home loss vs. Patriots in playoffs

General Information:
Favorite TV show: dont watch much with the kids around . I guess House
Favorite Movie: Rocky's, football movies- Friday Night LIghts/Remember Titans
Favorite Song: idk way too many
Favorite Band/Artist: idk way too many
Favorite Actor/ Actress: Samuel L. Jackson/? maybe Sandra Bullock
Favorite drink: Ala. Slammers or a Good IPA beer
Favorite food: My Dad's Rice and Beans with a Fat A$$ porkchop
Turn offs:
Turn ons:
Hobbies: Spending time with Family, Fantasy Football.

Questions Relating to SteelersFevercom:
What do you like about the passion
If you could, what would you improve on looks good to me
Who (other than yourself) is your favorite poster: still getting settled in
What is your favorite forum: still getting settled in
What member would you like to hang out with most outside of and still getting settled in but anyone hear Pro Pittsburgh and open to helping someone out when making a road trip to Pittsburgh.

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