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Default Re: Hoke Signs Two-Year Extension

Originally Posted by stillers4strife
Good move by the Steeler front office. Basically a safety net for the team in terms of a Plan B for dealing with Hampton and his agent.

I didn't take Hampton's comments about wanting to remain a Steeler too seriously. Hampton is looking for a new contract after miss parts of last year with a knee injury. He's looking to say the right things, etc. Say the right things now and maybe you get a contract early enough that you don't have to prove much that the knee is 100% rehabbed. Not to say he doesn't want to be a Steeler but I won't put much weight on those comments right now.
This is one of those deals where nobody is saying much right now.. oddly enough. I know he's coming off surgery and all... but the Steelers take care of their own whenever possible. This might be one where you see it just kinda happen outof the blue. No daily updates or hype about ongoing negoiations, and then BAM! it happens. So we'll see.
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